every minecraft hunger games song ever

*at the cornucopia*

 main character: gets a pretty good weapon

 main character: gets first kill (someone who tried to steal their weapon)

 main character: kills two people, one trying to shoot at them

 main character: tries killing someone skilled, gets in trouble and runs

 *middle of the games*

main character: finds badass chest, runs into a team

main character: takes out the weaker member and then loses weapon

main character: sneak attacks stronger member and steals loot


other team: kills team member that betrayed them in gruesome way

main character: takes out part of the team silently

other person: *is family, friend, or bae*

other person: *tries to go over to main character*

main character: *weakens other person*

main character: *hesitates before killing other person

*video ends*